About Us

About Us

Angels Tours is a tourism and a travel-related services company based in Egypt

composed of an eager and energetic youth team; whose main objective is you having fun, through showing you Egypt’s great history, explaining to you our authentic stories and traditions with a fun twist. 

It’s guaranteed that you will genuinely have fun and enjoy your vacation in Egypt, because of our Unique tools and our experience in this field for more than 15 years.

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The Heavenly Angels Tourism Company is one of the leading companies in the field of trips. For more than twenty years, we are in constant development. We respect the opinions of our customers and accept their suggestions. We are always in contact with them during vacation and after vacation. We provide information with all honesty. We depend on you to spread and respect all opinions. Continuity in development and providing the best service is our permanent goal. We are an integrated team to meet the needs of our customers and overcome all consequences. We have customer service in different languages ​​(Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Turkish, English). We have transportation services at the cheapest prices. Those who seek development are always learning, respecting and appreciating everyone. We are always happy with your visit and suggestions. We make every effort to make you happy. Your happiness is the secret of our presence, continuity and development. You can always rely on us to find and choose suitable trips for all different age groups. We are always ready to answer all your questions and overcome difficulties. We are always waiting for your visit. Your visit makes us very happy. We wish you all to spend an enjoyable vacation

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Over 6000 Trips

Tutfun Tours successfully served over a 6000 trips to over 4000 clients

Over 4000 Customer

over 4000 clients were happy from our services so they agreed to share their experience with Tutfun Tours

Over 700 Revisits

over 700 of them Revisited us and left us good memories to be shared

Angels Tours

Sharm El-Sheikh

have fun and enjoy your vacation in Egypt